Consumer Protection

The 2006 Legislature continued the Office of Consumer Council (HB06-1002 M. Carroll / Isgar) which protects telephone and utility ratepayers.

Did you know...

  • CO has the 12th highest auto insurance in the nation?
  • The profits of the auto insurance industry have risen 585% from 1986 - 2004?
  • CO has 8th highest homeowners insurance premiums in nation?
  • Every Colorado driver lost $139,900 in auto insurance benefits in the swtich from no-fault to tort July 1, 2003?
  • CO ranks 48th in nation on Natural Gas Prices ($7.48 per Thousand Cubic Ft)?
  • CO ranks 31st in Electricity Prices ($6.93 Cents per kWh)
  • CO ranks 7th highest in nation for fraud on consumers
  • CO ranks 6th in nation for victims of identity theft

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