State Senator Morgan Carroll
Senate District 29

Putting Your
Interests Above Special Interests!

I am proud to represent Senate District 29 (Aurora and eastern Arapahoe County) at the Capitol. The people of Arapahoe County do not want political partisanship or special interests controlling government. Rather they have asked for real, bi-partisan or non-partisan solutions to the issues facing all of us. I am committed to doing just that.

It is my goal to represent everyone in our District, whether you are a Democrat, Republican, Independent or defy traditional labels. Please know you are all welcome to contact me any time.  I would love to hear from you and I look forward to meeting you and am honored to be your voice at the Capitol.

Morgan Carroll Signature

Erasing great acts, piece by piece

As we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day, or any other holiday, it’s important to remember the reason for its observation. In the case of MLK, we’re honoring a man who risked his life, and eventually lost it in a horrendous act of violence, by standing up against discrimination in a nation with a Declaration of Independence asserting “all men are created equal.”

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Sen. Carroll statement regarding the State of the State address

DENVER - Senate Democratic Leader Morgan Carroll, D-Aurora, offered the following remarks after Governor John Hickenlooper’s State of the State address today.

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Senate Democrats, alongside Gov. Hickenlooper, eager to achieve a model state

Today, Gov. John Hickenlooper was inaugurated for his second term as Governor of the State of Colorado.  Gov. Hickenlooper has served Colorado during wildfires, floods, statewide tragedy, and the Great Recession.  Through it, he has worked with the Senate Democrats to rebuild communities and the economy.  Today, Colorado has a declining unemployment rate at 4.1 percent, down from 6.1 percent at the start of 2014.  We have seen businesses such as Google and Lockheed Martin expand within the state, as well as numerous small businesses startups.  In total, the state has added over 228,000 jobs in Colorado since February of 2010.

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Legislative Change Will Need To Be Bipartisan Effort

Wednesday, Jan. 7 was the start of the 2015 legislative session, and while the political dynamics have shifted, the Senate Democrats press on with determination to serve the interests of Colorado’s middle class families and protect the rights and freedoms of everyday people.

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Democratic Leader Senator Morgan Carroll's Opening Day Speech

Moving Colorado Forward

Welcome.  President Cadman, Minority Leader Scheffel, and fellow Senators.  Congratulations on your election to the Colorado Senate and congratulations on your new positions that offer you an incredible opportunity to serve the People of Colorado.   Welcome to friends, family & guests.  It is truly a privilege to be here.  
Today is the start of a session where will we return to do the work of the Citizens of Colorado.  It is a privilege to represent this beautiful state -- with over 50 fourteeners, over a dozen mountain ranges, and a strong and resilient community that has been through the trenches together -- and survived, only stronger.  Today we move forward.

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