State Senator Morgan Carroll
Senate District 29

Putting Your
Interests Above Special Interests!

I am proud to represent Senate District 29 (Aurora and eastern Arapahoe County) at the Capitol. The people of Arapahoe County do not want political partisanship or special interests controlling government. Rather they have asked for real, bi-partisan or non-partisan solutions to the issues facing all of us. I am committed to doing just that.

It is my goal to represent everyone in our District, whether you are a Democrat, Republican, Independent or defy traditional labels. Please know you are all welcome to contact me any time.  I would love to hear from you and I look forward to meeting you and am honored to be your voice at the Capitol.

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Want to find a product that was designed, made or grown in Colorado? There's now an app for that.

"I expect that with this app, it will be easier than ever to look up a local business, show Colorado pride, make informed choices, and shop locally," said Senate Minority Leader Morgan Carroll, D-Aurora, who sponsored last year's legislation

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Colorado Legislative Council once again delivered a strong quarterly revenue forecast for the State of Colorado

“Middle class families spend their hard-earned money at Colorado businesses, and when they prosper, we all prosper.” 

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The Colorado Senate on Tuesday gave approval to a measure that would repeal a ban on high-capacity ammunition magazines.

“We have those laws because it does prevent some, and it does catch some,” {Senator Carroll} said. “At the end of the day, moments matter. It is the difference between life or death.”

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“I cast my ‘no’ vote today in honor and in memory of those who were murdered and injured and traumatized,”

 Republicans in the Colorado Senate used their new majority to pass legislation Monday that would repeal a limit on the size of ammunition magazines – a law widely despised by their party and the impetus for the recall of two Democratic state senators.

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The Parent's Bill of Rights would give a blank check to parents to treat their children almost like property

As Senate Minority Leader Morgan Carroll, D-Aurora, claimed, "The bill radically reduces and, in some cases, completely eliminates the rights and protections of the child. To me this looks like a 'no bill of rights' for kids."

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