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State Senator Morgan Carroll
Senate District 29 - Aurora, CO

Morgan Carroll

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Morgan Carroll represents Colorado Senate District 29.  She was elected to serve as the Senate Minority Leader in 2015.  She was previously served as President of the Colorado Senate, Senate Majority Leader and Caucus Chair.  She serves on Executive Committee and Legislative Council Committee.

Morgan has previously served as Chair of Senate Judiciary, as a member of Agriculture & Natural Resources Committee, Senate Health and Human Services Committee, the Legislative Audit Committee, and Legal Services Committee.  Morgan was also Chair of the Interim Committee on Pinnacol Assurance.   

Morgan served in the Colorado House from 2005 - 2008 and served as Majority Caucus Chair, vice-chair of Judiciary Committee and on the Business Affairs and Labor committees. She served as a Commissioner to the National Commission on Uniform Laws, and to the Legislative Epidemic Response Committee.

Morgan was voted Rising Star, received the Excellence in Service Award from the National Guard Foundation, and was critics' and readers' choice for Best Local Politician from the Aurora Sun Sentinel.

She has fought for homeowner's and private property rights, assistance for troops and veterans, health care and insurance reform, patients' rights, for better more efficient government, workers' rights, alternatives to litigation, lobby reforms, economic recovery and fiscal responsibility.


Morgan Carroll is an attorney who works for the Law Firm of Bachus & Schanker.  She previously practiced law for ten years in the law firm of Bradley & Carroll, P.C. (a mother-daughter law firm).  Her areas of legal emphasis have been on disability advocacy and helping ordinary people know and enforce their rights.  Her decision to go to law school was motivated by a deep desire to help with social justice issues.

Morgan Carroll and Rebecca Bradley
(Sen. Morgan Carroll and her mom, former law partner Rebecca Bradley)

Before becoming an attorney, Morgan had been a manager in several large companies and had previously worked as a bookkeeper, paralegal, legal secretary, cashier.  She spent significant time doing customer service as part of each job.


  • legislative excellence award - colorado coalition against sexual assault
  • "Winner" 2014 Legislative Session - Denver Post
  • National Rising Star Nominee - Emily's List
  • Women Making History - Colorado Black Women for Political Action
  • Legislator of The Year - Colorado Cable Telecommunications Association
  • Legislator of The Year - Colorado Ambulatory Surgery Center Association
  • 4th Most Powerful Person in Denver - 5280 Magazine
  • Top 10 Most Influential Women in Colorado - Denver Post Readers
  • Outstanding Legislator - CP of Colorado
  • Lawmakers Award - Colorado Women's Chamber of Commerce
  • Legislator of the Year Award - Colorado Social Legislation Committee
  • Joseph Award - Lutheran Ministries Advocacy
  • Ralph Carr Award Political Courage - American Civil Liberties Union
  • Democrat Of The Year - Arapahoe County Dems
  • Wilma Webb Legislator of the Year Award - African American Voice
  • Health Care for All Colorado Award - Colorado Organizations Responding to AIDS
  • Health Care Access Award - Colorado Cross Disabilities Coalition
  • Sue O'Brien Award  Public Service - CO Freedom of Information Council
  • Leadership Award Health Care - Colorado Nurse Alliance
  • Best Local Politician  - Critics' Choice Aurora Sentinel
  • Best Local Politician - Readers' Choice Aurora Sentinel
  • Excellence in Service Award - National Guard Foundation
  • Distinguished Legislator Award - United Veterans Committee
  • Rising Star Award - Colorado Democratic Party
  • Legislator of The Year - CTLA
  • Armed Services Recognition - City of Aurora


Morgan Carroll received all of her education from the Colorado Public School system.  She graduated from Boulder High School in 1990.  She earned her BA in Psychology (with Distinction) and a minor in Political Science with emphasis on Indigenous Politics, was a Student Judge and graduated as Outstanding Graduating Senior in 1996 from CU Denver.  She earned her Juris Doctorate degree from CU School of Law in 2000 and was Class President, and co-founded Students for Justice in Northern Ireland.  She was the recipient of several merit scholarships.

Boulder High School Graduation 1990

Boulder High School Graduation 1990

CU Denver Graduation 1997

CU Law Graduation 2000

CU Law Graduation 2000


Morgan has traveled extensively and studied languages, comparative governments and political systems along the way. Her travels include: Austria, Belize, Ecuador, Egypt, England, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Honduras, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Puerto Rico, (Former) Soviet Union [Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia, Azherbaizhan], Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey,  South Africa, and Zimbabwe.


Morgan Carroll & Friend in Peruvian Jungle

Morgan Carroll on Huena Pichu with Macchu Pichu behind (Peru)

Morgan previously studied Kung Fu.  She was a dancer for 16 years, choreographed and taught dance for 2 years.    She performed with the Boulder Performing Arts Company.  She studied flute, performed and competed in several music competitions. She also taught Hebrew at Har Ha Shem in Boulder. She co-founded the International Ethics Society with an emphasis on international human rights.

Morgan Carroll practicing kung fu
Photo:  Rocky Mountain News

Hobbies include:  horse-back riding, reading, writing, home improvement, gardening, travel, languages, and social justice activism.



Morgan's paternal great-grandfather George T. Carroll spent his last years in Moffat County, Colorado in 1930.  Her grandfather Earl T. Carroll first left Illinois for Colorado as a young man as a ranch hand in in Routt County.  He also worked on the railroad and served in World War I.  He studied law and became an attorney in a rural private practice. He lived and worked in Routt, Baca, Gunnison, Delta, Boulder and Ouray Counties in Colorado. 
Earl T. Carroll
Her grandmother Sylvia Petrie Carroll also lived in Baca, Gunnison, Delta and Boulder Counties.  She was a schoolteacher and superintendent of Gunnison Schools.  Sylvia's family initially homesteaded in Baca County, CO from Kansas.  She helped start the first library in Baca County as a young woman and continued to believe in the importance of reading and learning throughout her life.
Sylvia P. Carroll

Morgan's maternal grand-parents, Tayler Cox and Margaret Boyd Cox moved to Colorado in the 1940's and lived in Aurora, Colorado, where Morgan's mom, Rebecca Bradley grew up and graduated from Aurora High School (now Aurora Central high school) -- in Morgan's current Senate District.  Tayler was an airline pilot and Margaret was a full-time mother of 3 children and Bridge aficionado.  Margaret was killed by a drunk driver in Aurora in 1976.
Margaret Boyd & Tayler Cox

Morgan Carroll, age 7, and family
Rebecca Bradley (mom), Morgan, John Carroll (dad), Doug Bradley (brother)
Circa 1979
Morgan's mom (Rebecca Bradley) graduated from Aurora High School (now Aurora Central) was also her law partner who was a pioneer for women in college (math, engineering, Russian) and in law school (grad. 1966 DU).  Her mom was active in helping Soviet Jewish Refuseniks escape the persecution they faced in former Soviet Union.  She is a social activist dedicated to improving the world one person at a time -- through action.

Rebecca Bradley, Morgan Carroll's mother
Morgan's mom (Rebecca)  with her Ocelot, Kulkukan.

Her father (John Carroll) served in the Colorado Legislature 1964 - 1974 (Adams County), was also an attorney advocate and studies many languages (Spanish, Nahuatl, Tagalog, Malay...) and deciphered hieroglyphs.  He was dedicated to improving the lives of workers and consumers.  He died in 1998 from Parkinson's complications.  He donated his body to scientific research in life and in his death.  He was a passionate idealist and humanist, dedicated to helping people get justice.

John S. Carroll, Morgan Carroll's father
Morgan's dad, John Carroll
Former Colorado State Representative Adams County

Morgan has a brother, Doug who lives in Colorado along with his two kids, Jason & Sarah. She has a brother Michael, who lives in California.  She has three sisters, Margie in Colorado, Debra in Florida and Barbara in the Bahamas.
Morgan & her brother, Doug

Debra (Bean), Michael, Margie, Barbara & Joan

Morgan Carroll, age 2, and family
The Younger Years: 
Doug (Morgan's Brother), Morgan, Rebecca (Morgan's mom), and John (Morgan's dad)

(June 10, 1928 - January 29, 1998)

John S. Carroll, Morgan's father, with hieroglyphic stones
John S. Carroll, World Traveler, Linguist
Depicted with hieroglyphic rune-stones he helped translate



Morgan's cat Pele
Pele: surveys her human subjects
(Photo:  Morgan Carroll)
Morgan's cat Zapata
Zapata:  Pele's Baby - Now 20+ Lbs!
(Photo:  Morgan Carroll)

Newton:  Our newest member of the family